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Best Safaris Outside Africa

Most people think of safaris and big five spotting in Africa comes to mind, but there are countless other equally fascinating safari experiences available for nature buffs outside the traditional safari heartland of Africa. What’s more, some of these less well-known safari destinations can work out far cheaper than that out of reach luxury tent […]

Best Beaches in Zanzibar

If you’re thinking of combining a safari with some time on a beach stop (or even a beach safari!) it might be a good idea to consider the best beaches in Zanzibar. Famous for its pristine floury white sands, soft ripples of green water and palm fringed shoreline, when it comes to beaches Zanzibar does […]

Top 10 Animals To Spot On Safari

No matter where you look on a safari you’ll be amazed with the wonders which surround you, and although there will be a wide variety of animals just a few meters away, there are specific creatures that are on the list of most safari enthusiasts. Here’s a list of the top 10 “must see” animals […]

Safari Books: The Ultimate Safari Reading List

Finally booked that safari trip you’ve been dreaming about for years? Now’s the time to start getting excited about your trip – plan your safari reading list! Whether you need a book on safari to read on the plane or on downtime between game drives, or if you want to read up about your destination […]

The World’s Best Zoo Safari Experiences

A whole safari holiday can be a daunting – and expensive – trip, so why not get a taste of the magic with a safari zoo experience? These four fantastic safari-style days out can be found at zoos around the world, from Singapore to San Diego, where you can either drive yourself around enclosures full of game, […]

9 Inspirational Safari Movies To Watch Before You Go

Getting excited about an upcoming safari holiday? You can bring the magic of the safari experience into your living room with these 9 inspirational safaris movies to watch before you go! 1. Out of Africa (1985) A Hollywood classic, Out of Africa is one of those rare films that you can’t fail to fall in […]

Top 5 Safari Videos on YouTube

If you want to get a taste of the safari experience before you go or simply soak up the atmosphere of a game drive without leaving your living room, these five excellent YouTube safari videos will transport you to Africa! 1. The Battle at Kruger Park Millions of people around the world have seen this […]