Africa is the home of the safari and without a doubt offers the best safari destinations in the world. Elsewhere – particularly India, Sri Lanka or Brazil – you may find national parks that offer safari-style experiences, but nothing comes close to Africa for variety, quantity and sheer size of wildlife, nor for the scale of the national parks – some of which dwarf many European countries in size. Southern and East Africa tend to be the best regions in Africa for wildlife viewing, as the countries in these regions have huge areas of protected savanna, bushveld and deserts  that provide sanctuary for large numbers of wildlife. Take a browse below for our pick of the best safari destinations in Africa – and the rest of the world!

Best Safari Destinations in Africa

Botswana Safaris

Mostly covered in arid desert – and home to some of the largest national parks in the world  – the highlight of any safari in Botswana must be the Okavango Delta in the far north. Read more about taking a safari in Botswana >>

Kenya Safaris

Kenya is a premier safari destination with world-famous reserves including the Masai Mara. In particular, the annual wildlife migrations that take place between August and November are not to be missed. Read more about taking a safari in Kenya >>

Malawi Safaris

Malawi is dominated by the tranquil azure waters of Lake Malawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site stretching more than 300 miles from north to south. The under-explored country has several national parks to enjoy decent amounts of wildlife.

Mozambique Safaris

Far from the tourist crowds, Mozambique is not as hot as other African safari destinations for plains animals, but does have two fantastic aquatic national parks offering a different take on the traditional African safari.

Namibia Safaris

Less known than other Southern African countries, but the huge open spaces and variety of eco-systems make Namibia a truly  stellar – if under-the-rader – safari destination. Particularly lends itself to self-drive safaris. Read more about taking a safari in Namibia >>

Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda is a compact country with good infrastructure and national parks home to both habituated gorilla and chimpanzee families. A top safari destination for primates. Read more about taking a safari in Rwanda >>

South Africa Safaris

Eminently accessible national parks packed full of wildlife, including the Kruger National Park, world famous for viewing the big five. South Africa also offers alternate eco-systems to traditional savanna such as the Drakensberg mountains or the Kalahari desert. Read more about taking a safari in South Africa >>

Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania is home to the classic East African national parks of the Seregenti and Ngorongoro crater – both offering prolific wildlife. Read more about taking a safari in Tanzania >>

Uganda Safaris

The rain forests of the Uganda – the ‘Pearl of Africa’ – are among the best places to take a gorilla safari. Murchison Falls National Park in the far north is also home to the big five, making Uganda one of the best all-round safari destinations in Africa. Read more about taking a safari in Uganda >>

Zambia Safaris
Combine a visit to Victoria Falls, a natural wonder of the world, with a river trip down the Zambezi, wildlife viewing in one of Africa’s premier national parks – South Luangwa.

Zimbabwe Safaris

A top class safari destination that’s seen some tough times in recent decades, though now has increasing wildlife numbers and a resurgent tourist trade. You can also enjoy the best views of the impressive Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe.

Best Safari Destinations Outside Africa

In addition to the above African safari destinations, there are several countries you should consider for surprisingly good game viewing opportunities:

Safari Destinations Outside Africa

Brazil >>
India >>
Nepal >>
Sri Lanka >>

Brazil Safaris

One of 10 “mega-diversity” countries, harboring huges numbers of animal and plant species. It contains around one third of the Earth’s remaining tropical forest as part of the Amazon, and is home to the wetlands area of the Pantanal.

India Safaris

India is the home of the tiger, alongside plenty of other impressive wildlife and an incredibly rich cultural heritage. All of this means a safari in India has plenty to offer the fist-time or repeat visitor. Read more about taking a safari in India >>

Nepal Safaris

14 national parks including the world-famous 930km sq. Royal Chitwan National Park. Most of the safari habitat in Nepal is subtropical forest, offering  deep jungle for great elephant back or four-wheel drive wildlife viewing.

Sri Lanka Safaris

Leopards, elephants and buffalo stroll around in Kipling-esque scenery at Yala and other national parks in Sri Lanka. It may not be quite African wildlife standards, but it does offer something different with less tourists and access to fantastic beaches.