Rwanda may be tiny in comparison to it’s neighbors of Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, but that’s fairly irrelevant given the wealth of wildlife going on in the equatorial country’s national parks – particularly the mountain gorillas. One of only 3 countries with wild – and habituated – mountain gorillas, Rwandan National Parks tend to focus on gorilla safaris, though there are also opportunities to hang out with habituated chimps, and the very rare golden monkey when taking a safari in Rwanda. As Rwanda’s a very small country there are just 3 national parks, all of which hug it’s borders with the neighboring countries.

Use the above map to locate national parks in Rwanda. Click the safari icons to see more info about each national park and zoom and scroll the map for more details. Read overviews of each Rwandan national park below.

Top National Parks in Rwanda

L’Akagera National Park
1085 km sq. Woodland habitat, swampy wetlands and mountains.

Parc National Des Volcans
160 km sq. Dense, wet jungle on the upper reaches of towering volcanos.

Nyungwe National Park
1000 km sq. Dense, mountainous virgin forests with waterfalls.


Self drive safaris in Rwandan national parks are not an option – in fact for the most part national parks are walking affairs only. So, to experience all the wildlife Rwanda has to offer you’ll need t0 make sure you get in contact with a safari tour companies in Rwanda for those all important gorilla permits.

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