Safari Wear

how to look great – and stay practical – on safari

Comfort, practicality, and style (though not necessarily in that order!) are the three factors in determining what you should wear on safari.

Read on for our take on some great options for safari wear. Start here for an overview of what to wear on safari, then once you understand the basics you can explore a little further with our detailed information on specific safari items such as safari hats and safari jackets.

roger moore in 1970's safari suit

Safari Suits - Everything You Need To Know

A safari suit will help protect you against any potential challenges during a trip to the African savanna. You can easily pair a safari jacket with dedicated shorts and trousers as a shortcut.
5 men wearing safari jackets in a black and white photo

Safari Jackets - Everything You Need To Know

Safari jackets are sometimes mistakenly considered as just a fashion trend, so wearing ‘just’ a normal jacket on your safari might cross your mind – perhaps one a bit thicker than usual with a few more pockets.
What To Wear On Safari 1

Safari Hats - Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about safari hats - from their origins to what makes a great safari hat, and a list of the very best safari hats to buy in 2020.
Four female runway models dressed in high-fashion - but very inappropriate - safari outfits

What To Wear On Safari

The type of clothing to take on a safari holiday will depend on a number of things, including the destination, time of year and what type of safari you’re going on. However, there are some fundamental...