Sperrgebiet National Park is Namibia’s newest national park, bordering the Orange River – and South Africa – to the south, and the Atlantic on the eastern board. The park covers most of the area previously known as the “forbidden territory”, and covers 26,000km sq of semi-desert, forming part of the Succulent Karoo biome.

Due to the historic diamond associations with the forbidden territory the area has been off-limits to the public for decades, so is largely untouched and pristine. Whilst much of the park is still inaccessible to visitors, a number of great sights are open to the public (with the right permits from NWA!), such areas as Elizabeth’s Bay, Kolmanskop and Ponoma ghost towns, the colossal 55 meter high Bogenfels rock arch, and the “fairytale valley” where the diamonds could be picked from the ground by hand, glittering by the light of the moon.

Day entry is $11 per 24 hour period, with an additional $1.50 fee per car.

Ghost towns reclaimed by sand dunes at Kolmanskopp or Pomona.

Activities at Sperrgebiet National Park:
4X4 Day trips of ghost towns, Bogenfels Rock Arch. Occasional licenses are given for an overnight stay camping in the park. You’ll need to arange from Luderitz at least a few days in advance, and be totally self sufficient. Half day DIY trips to Kolmanskopp from Luderitzz are easy – early morning is the best time to be there for photo lighting..

Getting to Sperrgebiet National Park:
Public transport is not possible through the park so you’ll need your own transport in the form of a licensed local guide with 4X4. Kolmanskopp is on the edge of the park 10km from Luderitz, and can be done in 2WD or taxi.

Staying at Sperrgebiet National Park:
As a new park there’s no real accommodation infrastructure, and staying in the park is not an option, unless you’re completely self-suffiecient camping, with the correct licenses. Ludderitz is a good base for trips into the northern part of the park, or it can be visited from the southern border towns of Oranjemund and Rosh Pinar.

Photos of Sperrgebiet National Park: