We are an NTB registered tour operator offering tours, safaris and shore excursions at Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, and the rest of Namibia. We provide eco-friendly tours that focus on sharing as much information about our fauna and flora as possible and educating our clients about the area that they are visiting. As well as the importance of conservation. Our groups are usually small (no more than 16 people) and family-friendly.

Wild Dog Safaris is the premier safari company in Namibia. With over 22 years of experience in tourism, we run high-quality safaris at an affordable price. We live and breathe Namibia and would love to help you find your ideal safari. We are based right in the centre of Namibia and can look after you from the very start of your trip until your flight home. Whether you feel like a safari tour to just drive yourselves, a safari with a group of like-minded people or a safari with your own private guide, we can help you.

Namibia Tours & Safaris (aka NTS): we are a family-owned tour operator based in Swakopmund with 30 years’ worth of knowledge and experience creating tailor-made holidays to Southern Africa. Do you want the freedom of the open road and to watch the landscapes unfurl? Or do you want a guide to talk you through the entire trip, taking care of the driving, logistics and pretty much everything in between? Perhaps you haven’t considered a fly-in safari as an affordable alternative to a guided road trip? Choose any combination of tour types to suit your itinerary and be sure to discuss the practical options with your personal travel expert.

Journeys are our passion! We are a tour operator based in Namibia promoting nature, wildlife and cultural diversity of Africa. Our portfolio contains private day tours, game drives, safari adventures, exotic getaways, and wildlife encounters. Our straight-forward goal is complete satisfaction and contentment of our guests, while we make all possible efforts to fulfill your requests and expectations.

The original Living Desert/Little 5 Tour! We go into the dune/gravel plains area to track the little creatures – snakes, chameleons, geckoes, lizards, scorpions, insects, etc – and also give info on the desert in general, the area’s plants and minerals. The Living Desert Tour was developed by Tommy himself in the 1990’s, is a unique 4×4 adventure drive through the dunes outside Swakopmund, Namibia. Just the drive in the dunes is an amazing experience, but Tommy will show you a lot more than sand. The tour takes you from the vegetated, life-rich eastern side of the dunes, right through the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean on the western side of the dune belt.

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