Mozambique safari tours

Bazaruto is a highlight of any Mozambique safari tour

Tourism as a whole in Mozambique is under-developed, and there isn’t a great choice of safari operators. However, around the more popular tourist destinations there are a number of small, independent safari companies in Mozambique offering tours, including:

  • Dana Tous: Well established and long recommended tour company targeting mid and top end itineraries.
  • Dolphin Dhow: Locally owned and run company offering budget dhow tours around Bazaruto archipelago.
  • Mozaic Travel: A decent, long standing Mozambique-wide safari operator catering to all budgets.
  • Sail Away: South African owned and run company, specializing in operating well run dhow trips around the Bazaruto Marine Park. Unlike some of the local operators they don’t camp overnight in the national park.

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