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The safari information kiosk

We’ve got so many articles about elements of safaris and national parks we wanted to pull together the safaris basics: A range of safari information to read before you go so you know what you’re doing and what to expect:

When’s the best time to go on safari?

Which type of safari is right for you?

Tips on choosing a safari company

Safari destination guide by country

What to wear on safari

What to pack in your safari bag

A guide to safari etiquette

A guide to wildlife spotting

Balloon safaris: the basics 

Desert safaris: the basics 

Gorilla safaris: the basics

Jungle safaris: the basics 

Self-drive safaris: the basics 

Island safaris: top 5 island safari desitnations

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Safaris Africana is an ongoing project, and we’re adding information relating to safaris all the time. In particular checkout our safari blog for regularly updated safari information. Is there any safari information that’s missing from the above list of articles? If so, please do get involved in the comments below to let us know what type of safari information you’d like to see on Safaris Africana.

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