Tanzania is about as good as it gets when it comes to national parks for safaris.  From desert-island national parks in Lake Victoria in the north, to mountainous chimp-filled forests around Lake Tanganika in the west, to the world-reknown Serengeti and Ngorogoro parks in Tanzania, there’s plenty to see. And if it’s the big 5 you’re after, there are plenty of national parks to spot them when on safari in Tanzania.

Use the above map to locate national parks in South African. Click the safari icons to see more info about each national park and zoom and scroll the map for more details. Read overviews of each South African national park below.

Top National Parks in Tanzania

Arusha National Park
Containing the often overlooked Mount Meru, with lakes and a large wildlife filled crater.

Gombe Stream National Park
52 km sq. of pristine forests creeping down to a huge lake.

Katavi National Park
Woodland area with a lake and floodplains.

Lake Manyara National Park
Forest surrounding the eponymous lake.

Mahala Mountains National Park
Lushly forested mountains descending to the shores of Lake Tanganika.

Mikumi Nationanal Park
Mkata floodplains.

Ngorogoro Crater National Park
8,30 km sq. of highlands and plains surrounding a giant extinct volcano crater.

Ruaha National Park
40,000 km sq. of national park with Ruaha river along with several sandy rivers.

Rubondo National Park
Covering 450 km sq. in total area, much of Rubondo is the waters of Lake Victoria with one dense forest-covered island and a number of small islets. Read a full overview of Rubundo National Park >> 

Saadani National Park
1,000 km sq. Costal wilderness with deserted beaches.

Selous National Park
45,000 km sq. Rufiji river and lakes surrounding woodland.

Serengeti National Park
14,763 km sq. Hilly scrub lands with endless plains.

Tarangire National Park
Boabab studded woodland aorund the Tarangire river.


Whilst self drive safaris are an option in many national parks in Tanzania, this can be complicated by the need for an official guide. Given this fact, you’ll no doubt need to do a little research into the most suitable safari tour companies in Tanzania before arrival in the country.

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