Namibia safari tours

Spot oryx on a Namibian safari tour

There’s no safari-specific licensing organization in Namibia, but the highly rated Namibian Department of Tourism will be able to tell you whether a Namibian tour company is reputable. Given the remoteness of many of Namibia’s top safari attractions, a tour at some point on your trip is likely to be inevitable. Below is a selection of recommended safari tour companies in Namibia:

  • Afro Ventures: Offer a range of Namibia highlight tours in 4WD, the highlight being their 7 day desert, coast and dunes tours.
  • Campfire Safaris: Run tours across Namibia at the more budget end of the price spectrum.
  • Chameleon Safaris: Aimed at backpackers, Chameleon offer country-wide safaris at great value prices.
  • Crazy Kudu Safaris: Fun, friendly and good value safaris from this budget operator.
  • Felix Unite: A water-based safari company with a selection of river-rafting, canoeing and kayak safaris to choose from.
  • Kaokohimba Safaris: Specializing in the Damaraland and Kaokoveld regions of Namibia, these guys run cultural as well as wildlife safaris.
  • Namib Sky: This is the company to use for balloon safaris over the Namib Desert.
  • Okakambe Trails: The horse safari specialist, from half day tours to a good selection of longer trips.
  • West Coast Safaris: Camping safaris through the most isolated parks in Namibia.
  • Wild Dog Safaris: Their safaris cover the whole of Namibia with a choice of camping or budget accommodation.
  • Xama Adventures: Specializing in small to medium size group safaris for local and international clients with  packages including great Orange River Rafting trips.

Have a recommendation for a good safari tour operator in Namibia? Let us know.

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