Leopard lying in tree at Kruger

Best Places For The Big 5 In South Africa

Looking for where to see the big five in South Africa? Then read on, where we've asked travel experts and bloggers from around the world to share their tips on the best places in South Africa to spot the big five animals.
southern right whale breeching, with green land behind

The Big Seven Animals - What They Are & Where To See Them

The concept of the 'big seven animals' is a relatively new one, achieved by adding two ocean giants - southern right whale and great white shark – to the existing big five animals of cape buffalo, African elephant, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros.
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The 20 Best Malaria-Free Safari Destinations

Malaria-free safaris are increasing in popularity as young families, pregnant ladies and others unable or unwilling to take anti-malarial medication still want to experience an African safari.
A maribou stork (of the ugly five) head and shoulders in profile with long speckled yellow beak

What Are 'The Ugly Five' Animals?

Did you know there's a group of animals that have been unfortunately christened 'the ugly five'? Sad but true, the ugly five are made up of hyena, wildebeest, vulture, warthog and the marabou stork... each beautiful in their own way.
3 meerkats standing and looking - part of the shy five group of animals

What Are 'The Shy Five' Animals?

These five types of animals have been named 'the shy five' as sightings of them are so elusive. The shy five group is made up of meerkat, aardvark, porcupine, aardwolf and bat-eared fox.
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Collective Nouns For Animals Of Africa

Whilst some collective nouns for animals are general and can be used for any subject - swarm, herd, etc. - many other collective animal nouns are specific to a single animal. Like a tower of giraffes!
Rhino beetle close up, standing on twig with green background

What Are 'The Little Five' Animals?

If you've been on safari you may have heard of - or seen - Africa's big five animals of buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino. However, the little five animals of Africa are a far bigger challenge to spot!
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The Best Safaris In The World!

The chance to see some of the world’s most endangered, spectacular wildlife up close, set against a stunning backdrop, sleeping under the stars, and discovering nature with local tribes who have lived with...
Male orangutan sitting in front of tree with hand over its mouth

Best Safaris Outside Africa

Most people think of safaris and big five spotting in Africa comes to mind, but there are countless other equally fascinating safari experiences available for nature buffs outside the traditional safari...