It happens with almost every one of us, we get bored with a single thing, feel, and scenario very easily. It may be food, car, clothes, and even the garden. Well, it is really so. Having one kind of garden for too long may really drain out all of your excitement about it. Therefore, it is rather important to try and get something new.

Safari garden vibe

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How To Give A Safari Touch To Your Garden

At this point, you might want to ask: What special or innovation can be done with the backyard, after all, it’s a gardenia and it will remain so? You are right, but not exactly. There are a lot of great things that you can do with your garden. For instance, you can give it the safari feel, and it is super easy to do so. Everybody loves safari, so why not make your garden give out similar vibes. If you are excited to learn how you can “safarify” your garden, let us get right to it:

1. Get Wooden Furniture

To feel more connected with nature, you gotta get things that come straight from nature. You can start with furniture such as benches and chairs. There are several great choices you can make from teak garden furniture, bamboo chairs, to straw benches. It will look good and feel just like a safari to use them. With colors, materials, and cool impressions, you can really splash safari magic around. If you want some suggestions, you can use tan brown color for your furniture. That way, it would appear as though your furniture is coming out straight from a jungle.

2. Decorate Using Safari Touch

For the impeccable safari feel, you should definitely give it similar decorations. For example, you can place a wooden sign at the entrance with engraved lion paws or something else. You can get your plants trimmed to write safari. Plus, you can buy some safari-themed stickers and objects that you can place around in your garden to give it a true feel. You can find such items easily in online stores. All you need to do is look carefully. If your decorations are right, you will feel the jungle vibes to the fullest.

3. Get Plants Found In Safari

You have got to add plants and flowers to your garden that are found in safari. You can do a little research as to what are the varieties that are available in safari, and you can get the same. It should not be very tough to find the right plants and flowers in a nursery nearby your house. Safari is humungous, and so is your range for plants. There are lots and lots to choose from – some are awe-inspiring in beauty, some smell like heaven, many are medicinal, and almost each one of them is amazingly exotic. The best would be to go with what you love!

The perfect safari plants

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4. Paint With Safari In Mind

Almost every object needs a coat or more of paint to last long. Change the color of your garden furniture and tools such as lawnmower and cutter to something natural like brown or grass green. This would take you closer to the jungle touch that you want to feel. During festivals and parties, you can even get your grass painted to achieve the admiration of your visitors. Since it’s a safari, you might want to have a lion or elephant on the grass. That should look good!

5. Use Additional Shrubs & Bushes

Shrubs and bushes are common in jungle regions, and you should get the same for your garden. There are many varieties of shrubs that look awesome and even have medicinal values. All in all, it will be a great addition to your garden. Many great shrubs protect your entire region from insects, mosquitoes, and bugs. They may also work as boundaries if you do not want to invest in a wall or fencing. 

6. Keep It Clean

You would not find litter in a jungle, would you? Your garden should be clean, there should not be any clutter other than some leaves sprinkled on the surface. This way, beautiful animals such as squirrels and birds would be attracted to your garden. That would feel and appear truly heavenly.



A garden is really important for any house. Irrespective of your age, profession, or desires, it is a place that is everybody’s favorite. Follow the methods listed above to make it even more fun, safari-like. Once you set it up that way, cute little animals such as squirrels, birds, and beetles may be attracted to it. Wouldn’t you love that?