“If hell had a coat of arms it’d probably look something like the Skeleton Coast National Park”. The Skeleton Coast comes with a reputation as one of the most desolate places on earth, dotted with hulks of ships washed up by the Benguela current over the centureis. The 20,000km sq park is one of the most inhospitable and least visited places on earth and is divided into northern and southern sections. Shimmering white dunes, martian rock, beautiful sand beaches with treacherous, rough seas make up the park scenery.

Access to the park is basically one long north/south roads passing through a number of Salvador-Dali-esque landscapes. Day visitors to the Skeleton Coast Park are only allowed in the park between sunrise and sunset, and permits are available at the two entry gates (the Ugab River in the south and Springbokwasser in the east).

A transit permit to pass through the park in one day is free. To stay overnight you’ll need to arrange a permit which costs $10 a day per person, plus $1.50 per vehicle.

Getting away from everyone, cruising hundreds of miles of bruising Atlantic coast scenery.

Activities at Skeleton Coast National Park:
NWR run a monthly 3 day guided hike around the Ugab River section of the park for 3-8 people. You’ll need to be totally self-sufficient, including water.
For world-class angling you’ll need a license to fish – and for your stay – from NWR.

Getting to Skeleton Coast National Park:
only a handful of vehicles drive through each day.The closest entrance gate to Skeleton Coast National Park that’s near civilization is around 3 hours drive north of Swakopund. There is no public transport to or through the park and . For the more adventurous, the park makes a worthy scenic transit trip by private vehicle from Damaaraland and down the Skeleton Coast to Swakupmond.

Staying at Skeleton Coast National Park:
There are two small settlements in the centre of the park: Terrace Bay offers double B&B style rooms for $90pn, open December and January only. Torra Bay, 50km south of Terrace bay has decent campsite from $15-$70pppn. In the far north of the park ther’ are no roads, but there are a few super-high end, fly in lodges.

Photos of Skeleton Coast National Park: